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It has taken me fifty years to connect and listen to my true inner guidance. How long will it take you?

You may ask, how did I connect and listen to my true inner guidance?

I started searching for ways to heal. To feel better about myself. To deal with my anxiety, worries, the deep sadness…all signs that I was off my true path. Time to get on the right path, guided by spirit. Time to feel and heal.

Being in the present moment, calming the mind.

My first experience of meditation was through yoga. Near the end of the class, when we were lying still, the yoga teacher would lead us through a short meditation. The words sounded very odd at first, they felt odd, like learning a new language. I felt my mind resisting, putting up blockers, trying not to let this new experience in. It was uncomfortable, like new things often are. But I enjoyed the calming experience of yoga and persisted. Eventually, I learned to move from just listening with my mind, to feeling with my heart. The calming words and gentle sounds began to resonate with me and have become my truth.

I began to feel such an uplifting benefit – at a deep soul level – from calming my mind and listening to my heart that I joined a meditation group.

When you feel the rhythm of the words and let the sounds wash over you, rather than resisting, judging, being weirded out by a new thing, it becomes as natural as breathing…and that is the secret ingredient, the Breath…

Breathing we do it naturally, instinctively, without engaging our conscious mind. The rhythm comes from the intelligence of our body. I believe we can all agree our bodies are amazing – how the body develops, grows, heals itself

There is no wrong way to do it.

Meditation (to me) is essentially being in the present moment. The Now. Life is a series of now moments where we shape our world (find Rumi quote).
There is no wrong way to do it.
Sitting or lying quietly in a comfortable, peaceful seating (amongst nature or a favourite spot or room in the house or the garden) and breathing deeply. Clearing the mind, sweeping them away or letting them pass like moving clouds and letting all parts of you relax, unwind.
Music – gentle, peaceful sounds can help you connect to the breath.

Practice makes it easier to meditate – like all new skills the more you do it, the easier it becomes.
Setting aside time in your way to meditate on a regular basis (daily is good) will help you feel peaceful, relaxing the body and calming the mind.

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