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I use oracle cards to help me mediate, they assist me to connect to spirit and to my inner guidance they are an integral part of my Healthy Life Toolbox.

I have many sets of oracle cards that I use, each day I pick a card and it offers me insight, guidance, reassurance, comfort, support, and healing. All good things in a troubled world during uncertain times.
As a deep thinker, I tend to analyse my situation and the world around me which can bring anxiety into my mind as I can get into a loop of worrisome thoughts, often over the most trivial things. Constantly thinking over and over about what happens to be worrying me can be very destructive behaviour, and tramples all over my peace of mind. There is no peace to be found when fear is kicking its way through your mind.

The only thing I have found to break this destructive pattern and find comfort from these anxiety producing habits, is to meditate.
Through meditation by focusing on the breath to calm the mind, spirit can be heard, and a deep love felt for the self, all of life and the world we live in.
Oracle cards are part of my meditation practice. They give guidance on what areas of my life I need to work. Solutions to whatever is troubling me. And they offer healing, to allow me to let go of situations and emotions, trapped energy, and help to open my heart to love.

What are Oracle Cards?

They are cards that come in a set, called a deck. The number of cards range in number but commonly there are 44 cards in a deck. Each card carries a message and an image that is linked to the message. The image assists in delivering the energy of the message, and they hold a vibration that assists the user to connect to spirit.

In the busy world we live in, we are being bombarded constantly by energies – some positive and others not so positive, some very negative and destructive that will knock you from your true path which can leave you floundering, lost and unsure, questioning your purpose and existence.

Spiritual tools, like oracle cards, help us forge this connection.

To get us back on track, to find our true path and keep us on path, we need to connect to our divine guidance.
Spiritual tools, like oracle cards, help us forge this connection. The more you connect, the stronger the connection will be. Life will flow and you will find many blessings on your journey/blessings will come to you.
Oracle cards are a spiritual too to help you connect and receive messages from your inner guidance, from Source to you.
They can uplift, encourage, reassure, and empower you to take actions that are for You.
Oracle cards are like Tarot cards in they give guidance. Yet, oracle cards are more fluid, have less structure and boundaries to them.
Oracle cards come in many forms: Angels, fairies, nature, mermaids, dragons, mystical beings, and so on…

Other spiritual tools in my toolbox

Crystals, pendulum crystals, candles, flowers, nature’s gifts – sticks, rocks, bark etc

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