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In a world fractured by war, those with the blood of more than one tribe have become enslaved by the new order.

When sixteen-year-old Harper Starling steps forward to be tested, her fight to survive begins. But what she doesn’t know is that the hidden power in her blood could free the world?
How do you find your perfect guy or gal?
Cross your fingers and hope they find you.
1) Join all the dating apps and pray you’re a perfect match.
2) Trail the world’s bars and clubs and flirt like hell.
3) Decide who they are and don’t take no for an answer…or
4) See a good psychic to help you because the answer lies in knowing what you want?

Dietitian Kate Lewis thought she found her perfect guy in London but when she moves to the Gold Coast to be with him, she learns he’s done the vanishing act. A psychic, a wish list and a lot of soul searching sends Kate in a new direction, to find out what she really wants.
Health shop owner Liam Gleeson doesn’t think he’s the perfect guy or anyone’s guy when his girlfriend moves out, leaving him with a struggling business he’s spent the last six years waiting to take off. Good friends and a few self-help tools, will it be enough to get Liam to finally go after what he wants?

Two people, one goal, it could be… Almost Perfect.
Angelina Carson thinks she is just like any other teenager, until she moves to a seaside town on the English coast and starts seeing strange things – coloured lights and dark shapes instead of people, a hairy little creature that can talk, and a black and white cat that follows her everywhere.
The reason why? Angelina is a starchild!…and she is not alone.Journey into the Inner Earth with Angelina and her friends to Gogglgoth Castle where they must learn to command the elements, meet elemental beings and mythical creatures, and do battle with the Dark Forces.This debut novel puts a fresh spin on fantasy and adventure.
If you loved Harry Potter and The Hobbit…When Angelina is taken away from her home to live with her step aunt, strange things start to happen. Can she really believe what she sees? Swirling coloured lights, a little creature in a red cap that talks, a black and white cat that can predict the weather, and dark shapes that follow her.Angelina and her three friends are being hunted for the unique powers they possess and must journey to a magickal land within the earth to learn to command the elements.
These are the Starchildren…but will they learn enough to battle the dark energies that hunt them or will fear leave them powerless?
Beauty Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the North Coast of New South Wales, with its crystal clear water and pure white sand. People are drawn to its warmth and tranquility, and for the people who live and work at Beauty Beach it is the place where dreams come true.

Like Nick Matthews, who runs a successful café, and Samantha Landon, whose lifelong dream is to become a famous actress. With newcomers Michael Blake, whose dream is to escape the city and live a carefree life in the sun. Along with Anna Driscoll, whose only dream is to start a beauty business, away from her violent husband and take care of her young son.

But that’s all about to change when rich socialite Christine Hamilton arrives to shake the very foundations that they have built their dreams on. She wants to change forever the peaceful and serene setting of Beauty Beach with cold ambition in her heart and huge profits in her sights.
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